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Information on the Use of Dresden Municipal Libraries

1. Welcome to Dresden Municipal Libraries

You can visit our libraries free of charge. You can also use our stock of items free of charge in the library's rooms.

If you would like to take full advantage of all offers, you need a user card from Dresden Municipal Libraries. This user card is valid for all municipal libraries in Dresden.

With your user card you can:

  • Borrow items from our libraries and extend loan periods,
  • Use internet workstations, players and demonstrators,
  • Use our online services and, for example, download e-books

2. Registration

To receive a user card you must register in the Dresden Municipal Libraries. You can only register in person.

The user card may only be used by the cardholder. The cardholder is responsible for the consequences of misuse of the user card by unauthorized persons.

2.1 Documents required for registration

For registration purposes, please submit the following documents to us:

  • Adults and teenagers:
    ID card (e.g. passport, residence permit, temporary residence permit)
    Proof of address (certificate of residence, Dresden Pass, residence permit)
  • Teenagers who do not yet have a personal ID card:
    Children's ID card, student ID card (only plastic cards with a photo of the holder are allowed) or a copy of a personal ID card from a custodian.

Children six years of age or older can register. For children under 14 years of age a custodian assumes liability by signing.

2.2 Usage fees
  • Usage fee for 12 months:
User group Usage fee for 12 months
Families EUR 30.00
Families with a subscription EUR 25.00
Adults EUR 20.00
Adults with a subscription EUR 15.00
Children and teenagers up to 17 years of age free of charge
Dresden Pass holders on presentation of the Dresden Pass free of charge
  • Usage fee for 6 months:
User group Usage fee for 6 months
Adults EUR 10.00
2.3 Changing personal data, loss of the user card

You must immediately report any changes to your personal data or the loss of your user card to a municipal library.
A replacement card costs:

User group Fee
For adults and teenagers over 14 years of age EUR 5.00
For children EUR 2.50

3. Use of internet services

You can find the website of Dresden Municipal Libraries at Here you can get detailed information on terms of use, opening hours, addresses, telephone numbers of the municipal libraries and their special services, events and contact persons.

The online catalogue of the Dresden Municipal Libraries can be found at: You can find our digital offers such as e-media, e-learning as well as music and film streaming at:

As a registered user you can access your user account via the online catalogue. To access your user account you must enter your user number and your password. You can find your user number on your user card. The pre-set password is made up of the first 4 digits of your date of birth. (Date of birth: 09/08/1960; password: 0908). For security reasons it is recommended that you change your password.

4. Use of items outside the library

4.1 Borrowing items

In some municipal libraries items can be borrowed (and returned) at self-issuing stations; in other municipal libraries items are issued at an issue desk by library staff.

In both cases you need your user card when borrowing items from a municipal library.

When borrowing an item at a self-issuing station, complete the issuing process by pressing the “End” button. The relevant account holder is responsible for damage caused to items borrowed by unauthorised users from accounts left open at self-issuing stations.

When borrowing an item you receive a receipt with the valid date by which you must return each individual item. You can also have a reminder sent to you by e-mail or by SMS with regard to your loan period. The Dresden Municipal Libraries are not liable for this additional service.

4.2 Loan periods

The loan periods vary for different types of items:

  • 8 weeks
    Sheet music
  • 4 weeks
    Books, maps, media combinations, language courses, games, console games, CD-ROMs
  • 2 weeks
    Magazines, newspapers, CDs, LPs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs

Borrowed items may not be passed on to third parties.

Before borrowing an item, please assure yourself that the selected item is in a proper condition and complete, and immediately report any damage you find to our staff.

4.3 Returning items

Each borrowed item must be returned within the library before a set date. You can find information on the date for returning each individual item on the receipt and in your user account. Items can be returned in any municipal library by any person.

If an item is returned to a municipal library to which it does not belong, a transport fee of 20 cent is payable for each item.

4.4 Extension of loan periods

The loan period can be extended before it expires, if there are no internal reasons why this should not happen (e.g. pre-ordering of the item by another user). Loan periods can be extended by telephone, personally by staff at the issue desk or independently via the online catalogue at

Please check if the extension of your loan period has been successful in your user account. In case of doubt, the data stored in your user account is valid.

4.5 Reserved items/ordered items

Borrowed items or items only available in other libraries can be ordered from a library chosen by you at a cost of Euro 1.20.

The Dresden Municipal Libraries will inform you by letter, e-mail or SMS when the item is ready for collection. Pre-ordered items are kept ready for collection in the chosen library for 1 week. The fee is also payable, if you do not collect an ordered item.

4.6 Fines for overdue items/compensation for damaged items

If the loan period is exceeded, fines for overdue items are payable.

The fines for overdue items per day the library is open and per item are as follows:

  • Adults/teenagers over 14 years of age: Euro 0.40
  • Children under 14 years of age: Euro 0.20

If items are not returned, you will be sent reminders at your own expense.

4.7 Damaged or lost items

Damaged or lost items must be replaced. Additionally a processing fee of Euro 2.50 per item is payable for items that have to be replaced.

4.8 Fee limit

Once the total amount of the fees to be paid has reached Euro 10.00 in a user account, it is no longer possible to borrow any items, to have the loan period for borrowed items extended or to use the internet in municipal libraries.

5. General information

Library staff can request that bags, backpacks and other types of receptacles as well as bulky objects be locked in the lockers provided for this purpose or handed in for safekeeping. The Dresden Municipal Libraries are only responsible for loss or damage in cases of intent and gross negligence.

Please take other visitors into consideration during your stay in the library. Disruptive behaviour and bringing animals into the library are not allowed.

Eating and drinking are only allowed in the rooms provided for this purpose.

Please take note of instructions from the staff.

The photocopiers in the municipal libraries are owned by an external service provider, who sets the photocopying fees. Photocopying is only permitted in accordance with copyright laws.

The Dresden Municipal Libraries assume no liability for damage to playback devices or computers caused by the software or hardware provided (e.g. viruses).

You can find further details of the usage statutes and the house rules on the relevant notices.

Our staff are available to answer any questions you might have.